About me

I'm a programmer, who just loves writting code. I'm here because I want you to see that. In the future this page should have some portfolio projects in the upper navbar. A little about me, while at PIRCH my main day to day tasks were building Data pipelines, Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebooking data projects, Power BI, and even helped building out their MS SQL database for their Microsoft Business Central integration for my 2 1/2 years there. In school I wrote a lot of algorithms (Shocker!), machine code, mobile apps, and Linux processes.


I currently live in Murrieta, CA. I grew up in San Diego County.


I love food. Like a lot. If you need an icebreaker with me, just bring up food. Some of my favorites are California Burritos, Sushi, Coffee, and Pizza.

Video Games

I love games, it's what motivated me to start programming! Runescape is my main game, I also love games in the genres of souls-like and JRPGs like Xenoblade, Final Fantasy, the Shin Megami games, along with Elden Ring and Lies of P!

Other Hobbies

I love hanging out with my friends and playing games. I love playing and chilling with my dog, and when I have a rare free moment I usually spend it building Gundam.

Job Experience:

    Data Analyst
    a 10/2021 - 4/2024
    • Initiated the creation of a set of dashboards to prioritize decreasing the amount of inventory on hand and prioritizing sales of high velocity products, saving the company on average 10 million USD per year on space and inventory.
    • Engineered Data Pipelines with python to ingest product information from over 300 outside vendors.
    • Restructured SQL database for a new internal system, achieving faster query times of up to 80%.
    • Made use of linear regression and predictive models for reporting and forecasting.
    • Implemented a random forest model to categorize all current products for visibility in the sales system, increasing sales of aging products by 7 million USD in its first 3 months of utilization.
  • Waterstone Faucets
    CAD Drafter
    10/2019 - 10/2021
    • Designed mechanical drafts and supported the engineering team on altering 3D models.
    • Overhauled JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for functionality on the company website to better display product designs. Increasing sales in lower sold products by up to 50%.
  • Pacific Sales
    Customer Service Supervisor
    10/2018 - 10/2019
    • Led Inventory and Operations department, addressing urgent client demands and system malfunctions.
    • Managed store projects and maintained one of the top 5 spots in loss prevention and customer satisfaction.
  • Pacific Sales
    Customer Service Representative
    11/2014 - 10/2018
    • Worked with customers so solve problems and process transactions.
    • Worked as backup for the CSR Supervisor, handling issues when they were out and filling in where needed.

My Skills:

  • Languages

    Python, PostgreSQL, T-SQL, Javascript, C++, C, GO, HTML, CSS
  • Signficant Libraries
    Django, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn, Matplotlib, HTMX,
  • General Skills and Tech
    Linux, Windows, Excel, Power BI, Jira (Agile Development),Software Development, Data Analysis, Data Cleansing, Pipeline Development, Restful API's, Database Design, Team Management